​Swimming carnival in my Australian school was the first school event that I participated in. I was so shocked by that there was such a thing as a swimming carnival. Maybe because that in Denmark we don’t have that many outdoor swimming pools or the good weather for it. But as boring as we are we don’t really have carnivals in school.

The funny thing about it was that the school is divided in houses. There was 5 different houses, Castlereagh which was the blue house, Clairemont was the purple house, Strathdon was the red one, melville the orange, wilberforce the green and Cornwallis that was yellow, which also was my house!

The house spirit was really important, every house had a small tent where you could sing a cheer for the people that was participating, and every house had their own song and a dance. Everyone also needed to come dressed in the colors that their house represented, and it was a really casual but fun day. At the end of the swimming carnival every house needed to perform the house song and dance.

You could swim races and get points for your house, or you swim in another lane where you would still get points but not as many, as it was just a lane where you could swim for fun. Also it was my first time seeing a floaty, which have been my dream for so long.

About a week later the school announced what place the different houses came in the swimming competition and the one with the most host spirit.

It was such a fun day and Cornwallis came on 2nd!!



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