Exchange in Australia

We were all meeting up at Wynyard station at 12 o’clock. Remi (french), Joy (french), Sebastian (chilean) and me were the exchange students that participated in the walk. Shawn and another AFS volunteer were hosting the walk and led us to where the walk began. We got to the starting point around 13 o’clock and we then began the walk. The walk was about 10 km, and took us around 4 hours. Through the walk we all chatted with each other and we had lots of fun. We stopped lots of times because of the incredible views of breathtaking nature and of course pictures! We stopped at the second beach we reached, to each the lunch we had brought and after we all went in the water for a quick swim.

The weather was lovely, Joy and me found a starfish on the beach which was very exciting.

After another hour we reached Manly Wharf, and we were planning on leaving since it was getting late, but we were dying to see Manly beach. We soon convinced them to catch the ferry later and we went to Manly Esplanade to buy ice cream from a shop called ‘Copenhagen’ and watch the sunset. Manly beach was stunning and my favorite beach in Australia out of all the beaches I’ve seen so far. We all thought it was a really nice AFS event, but we suggest that next time they do a walk that’s a bit shorter because we found it really long and tiring. But all together we are super grateful that we got the opportunity to do this walk and spend the afternoon together.


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