Paddle Boarding Balmoral Beach

This was one of the funniest days of my exchange. I was going to meet up with Oda a norwegian girl who also was an exchange student in Australia. It was the first time we were going to meet each other, so I was quite nervous. We had booked a SUP (stand up paddle boarding) … Continue reading Paddle Boarding Balmoral Beach


Harbor Bridge Climb

Newtown, botanical garden, harbor brigde

Top 10 Favorite Places

The Grounds of a blue mountains manly beach darling habor Circular quey  

The Grounds of Alexandria

The grounds are probably my favorite place in Sydney, and i'm so jealous we don't have a place like this in Denmark. I can remember the first time I looked it up on Instagram I thought, it didn't seem so special. But yes, I still went all the way into the city to check it … Continue reading The Grounds of Alexandria

Blue mountains

Favorite Resturants

china town blomst is rulle is bondi acai vaffel DARLING HABOR

Hygge date med sienna

hej hej


It's kind of funny how in the middle of our holidays, we were going on a holiday. Day 1 We headed for the Taoyuan airport in the middle of the night, like literally we needed to get up at 2 am, which was funny bc I didn't even have the time to fall in sleep. … Continue reading Okinawa

Rugby, Manly and sydney