Paddle Boarding Balmoral Beach

This was one of the funniest days of my exchange. I was going to meet up with Oda a norwegian girl who also was an exchange student in Australia. It was the first time we were going to meet each other, so I was quite nervous. We had booked a SUP (stand up paddle boarding) … Continue reading Paddle Boarding Balmoral Beach


Harbor Bridge Climb

I must admit that I did not know that the bridge climb was a thing, before coming to Sydney. It wasn't my plan either to do it, but I did it anyway. I am not afraid of heights, or that is what I told myself when I climbed my way up to the top. It … Continue reading Harbor Bridge Climb

Justin Bieber Concert 

Before I left for Australia I had already seen on the internet that Justin Bieber was coming to Sydney, ANZ stadium. and as the huge fan I was I also went searching for tickets even though I knew it was impossible for me to go to his concert. I told my host parents about it … Continue reading Justin Bieber Concert 

Svimming Carnival 

​Swimming carnival in my Australian school was the first school event that I participated in. I was so shocked by that there was such a thing as a swimming carnival. Maybe because that in Denmark we don't have that many outdoor swimming pools or the good weather for it. But as boring as we are … Continue reading Svimming Carnival 

Sydney Fashion Week

Exchange in Australia Since I was little I have always dreamed of participating as an audience in a runway show. I got the opportunity when I curiously google Sydney Fashion Week and found out it was called, Mercedes-Benz fashion week, and tickets were on sale!! Never did I think that you could actually buy tickets … Continue reading Sydney Fashion Week

Spit Bridge to Manly Costal Walk

Exchange in Australia We were all meeting up at Wynyard station at 12 o’clock. Remi (french), Joy (french), Sebastian (chilean) and me were the exchange students that participated in the walk. Shawn and another AFS volunteer were hosting the walk and led us to where the walk began. We got to the starting point around … Continue reading Spit Bridge to Manly Costal Walk